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    VSSETUP issues


      So we have the McAfee SaaS endpoint protection installed on all of our ~250 PCs. I am constantly looking at more efficient ways to solve issues by attempting to familiarize myself with the documentation and resources. I recently came across the vssetup for silent installs for the McAfee Agent and and the documentation associated with the installer. We have the version 6.0.3 Patch 3 installed and when I ran some of the cmd switches I ran across some errors with the installation.


      The Documentation I am using is at: https://www.mcafeeasap.com/SC/Help/InstallGuide/en-US/tps_install_guide_en-US.pd f (Check out page 24)


      I am trying to reinstall the mcafee product using vssetup.exe /reinstall and get the following message in the VSSETUP log file


      "VsSetup.Exe, RunOnce Key Does not exists.... Ignoring Key Deletion

      Performing an installation-reinstallation ...


      Reinstall is not a supported switch..."


      I have also tried running "vssetup.exe /CK=companykey /reinstall" and I get a similar error.


      I am running the vssetup.exe with all of the correct paths and permissions