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    SVA Registration Issue - Error 620


      Hi Team.


      We are getting errors when we register our new SVA 3.6 to our vShield Manager .

      It gives me Error 620 when running the \opt\Mcafee\move\bin\sva-config wizard .


      I did upgrade the vShield Manager to and made sure Endpoints are working . but still no success .


      Environment >

      ePO 5.1.1

      SVA 3.6

      ESXi 5.5u2

      vCenter 5.5


      We did an upgrade to ePO 5.1.1 to allow us to use Move Agentless 3.6 . I did unregister the old MOVEs on vShield and ePO before installing new ones .

      Move logs don't show much except for policies being NULL . I sort of expect this in this scenario .