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    Access protection rules are blank after upgrade to 5.3.0



      After the upgrade of ePO from 5.1.1 to 5.3.0 build 400, we're no longer able to see Access protection rules in the "Access Protection Policies". Both windows are just blank.

      Our case is similar to KB83641 and this thread -- ePO is/was installed on a non-C drive, however it worked perfectly fine with 5.1.1 and BOCVSE_1000 directory is not empty.

      Here is what I tried so far with no success:

      • Tried to duplicate default Access protection rules (default one is empty too);
      • Pull Now the Master Repository;
      • Re-installation of VSE extensions;


      None of this helped. It seems that Access protection rules is the only thing affected -- MOVE policies are shown OK.

      Anyone with the similar issue?


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