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    MCP not bypassing some URLs


      Hi, I have an issue with the MCP that I cant really wrap my head around.

      First the setup I got.

      ePO 5.1.1


      Saas & MWG Hybrid.


      The proxy bypass are set in the ePO with Common Catalog.

      The issue: MCP ignores some domains and does not bypass it, so if I set microsoft.com in the bypass I can still see the traffic in MWG when surfing to this URL, and its not all domains, I have around 60 in the proxy bypass list and 55 are working great. I thought that it might be a problem with a host like http://sub.microsoft.com that it only took the main domain [microsoft.com] if the [sub.microsoft.com] Ip was different than the main [microsoft.com], but I did a test on two domains where I placed  then on separate IPs: test.domain.com (IP: and the other domain.com ( and then placed [domain.com] in the bypass, and the logs showed that when going to test.domain.com it bypassed the proxy, just as it should, so why does it not work for the rest?

      Just as a note I can say adding the IP fixes it, but not really a good solution as one page can have many sub domains and the IPs might change, often I see this on pages that offer streamed media, the main domain is svtplay.se but much of the code is referred too from url.svtplay.se so the bypass works for svtplay.se but not url.svtplay.se


      Support talked about SSL scanning, but should it matter if its a https or a http? the bypass is for domain.com regardless of it being a http or https.