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    Uninstalled McAfee Before Activation



      I just purchased a Lenovo computer and it came with pre-installed McAfee (I think).  When I clicked on the app icon on the main page, it wanted to download several updates.  Since I wasn't planning on using McAfee, I closed the window and proceeded to uninstall the program via the desktop uninstaller.  I also installed Kaspersky.  Later as I was looking on the net and forums, I read about the consumer removal tool, but noticed the warning that says: If your McAfee products were pre-installed by your computer manufacturer, ensure that you activate your McAfee subscription before you uninstall them.  Well, too late for that since I had already ran the uninstall tool.  So, what are my options now?  I am not computer savy and frankly this whole Windows 8.1 is really new and different for me.  I went again to the uninstall feature on the desktop and did not see McAfee.  The icon is still on the main app page, and if I run the task manager it tells me the app is open, but cannot see any other processes running on the background (again, I have very basic computer knowledge, close to zero:o).  My questions are do I need to run the removal tool?  since I never activated it, is this going to mess up the computer in any way?  Do I just right click the icon and delete and will that be the end of it? Thank you so much and my apologies if this issue has been discussed before!

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          Best you call customer support and ask them maybe you can restore the laptop to as delivered state if this is an option and activate McAfee then uninstall it but customer service should be able to assist you

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            If your are using windows 8.1, you will see "McAfee Central" on your metro mode panel. All you have to do is to right click on it and choose uninstall. You may also go to your Programs and Features (..keyboard short cut = Window logo + X and then F..) try to look for any McAfee icon in there and uninstall them. (find for McAfee Security Scan Plus if it's present and then remove it)


            I am definite that you already get rid of the McAfee Anti virus software traces on your computer if you already ran the MCPR (McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool) successfully.


            Note: Running MCPR will get rid all of the  McAfee Anti Virus software traces .


            It is not going to mess up your system.


            You may call McAfee technical support for assistance in the future      click  Services and Support for Home and Office


            Hope this fulfill your query,




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