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    Orchestrator & Endpoint combination


      Hi All


      I have never used Orchestrator before and have taken ownership of a EPO server.


      The server it's installed on is 2003 and I believe that 4.6 is the highest version I can install on 2003?


      What application should be installed on the client side? (Agents/VirusScan)?


      I had to do a clean install of the Orchestrator as the previous admin left and no one knew the password.


      Sorry to be vague but I am not sure what questions to ask.


      Thanks for your help.


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          Hey mate, you are right. Workign on Windows Server 2003 4.6 is the highest to with: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB51569

          Just for the clients being able to "talk" to your ePO you need the agent installed on them.

          Next step would be to determine what protection you want for your endpoints? VSE is the basic antivirus solution.

          Then it depends on what products you have licensed:

          SiteAdvisorEnterprise for saver browsing

          DataLossPrevention for disabling for example USB-devices or track copied files

          RogueSystemDetection for scanning your network for rogues





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            Hi Dan


            Thanks for taking the time to reply to this post.


            Do I just download the latest version of the Agent using the Orchestrator?


            Once downloaded I presume that I have to manually install the Agent onto the desktops and then push out the endpoint protection from the Orchestrator?


            Where does the Orchestrator download the agent to and can I set up a script to install on next reboot?




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              Hi Andrew,


              i think this feature wasn´t implemented in 4.6, but in 5.0 upwards there is a feature called "Software Manager" from which you can download all your McAfee-products.

              As for you havin the 4.6 you might have to go to McAfee Downloads - Antivirus, Antimalware, Virus Scan | McAfee . On the right side you´ll see a section saying "donwload my products". Here you have to identify yourself with you McAfee Grantnumber (your licensenumber). Here you´ll find all the products you licensed an can download them.

              In most of the cases you´ll get a package containing a zip-file for the actual program and one for the extension.

              Go to you master-repository an click on "check in product" to get the first part of the software into you repository. Then change to the extensions tab and do the same for the downloaded extension.

              Now you should be able to generate a deployment taks for the checked in product.


              There is no need to install things manually. I presume you have an Active-Directory. There shoud be a server-task for ad-syncronisation. Just change this to your needs and your ePO-server should be populated with systems not havin anything McAfee-related installed on them.

              Then you should use the above mentioned deployment task to bring out the agent using administrative credentials.

              After the agent being installed on the system you can go on to check in for example VSE and create a deployment task for that aswell.


              For the case you don´t have an AD just check in the agent package.

              Then go to your systemtree an choose "add new system".

              Then choose "Create and download agent installation package" to get a preconfigured installer with everything needed in it.

              This package can be manually installed on the clientsystems and you should see you server getting populted.