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    VirusScan Enterprise v8.8 P5 repost


      When I go to the downloads page I can see two P5


      DownloadPlatformNotesRelease DateFile Size
      VSE880LMLRP5.ZipVirusScan Enterprise Repost Patch 5May 19 201542.9 MB
      VSE880P5.ZipWindowsVirusScan Enterprise Patch 5May 19 201545.2 MB



      What is the difference and which one should I be using?

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          The first is a full install package. If VSE 8.8 is not already installed, use that one.

          The second is a patch update package. If VSE 8.8 is already installed but has an older patch level, use that one. Review the release notes because not all prior VSE 8.8 releases can be updated directly to Patch 5.

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            just a bit curious...


            Why the patch is bigger that the full installation Package It sounds a bit odd





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              Yeah, had the same question myself.

              It's due to the multiple upgrade paths that the MSP update package has to support. If we were allowed to say "Patch 4 minimum" the package would be about the same size as the full install. And what's more interesting, the MSP package is only going to get larger in subsequent releases because we'll still be supporting the same patch update paths only we'll have added P5->P6 also, and so on with Patch 7.

              I would estimate Patch 7 to be something like 120mb.


              It also gave pause to wonder how environments with low bandwidth or just bandwidth usage restrictions would accommodate patching. And it seemed likely we may have folks opt to uninstall then redeploy because of it. And that sparked some conversation that perhaps we should simply allow for the full install package to over-install existing product (rather it would remove the existing, then install itself)... but, I'm not expecting Product Management to divert resources into developing that, not for VSE anyway.

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                Richard Carpenter

                Hi All.


                Patches can also be installed through the Agent AutoUpdate process and can be managed through your McAfee Agent Product Update Client Task, where as the Repost (Full Product) would require a product Deployment Task.


                We update our COE with the Repost file, but deploy the Patch through the ePO McAfee Agent Product Update Update mechanism which is very tightly controlled.


                Just my Two Pence worth....




                McAfee Volunteer Moderator

                Certified McAfee Product Specialist - ePO

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                  Hi all,

                  got feedback from several customer. They have big troubles with Patch5!! There is a thread in the community where the Patch 5 bugs are discussed.

                  Re: VSE 8.8 patch5 bugs


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                    I am the king of low bandwidth scenarios, I would love it if we could get the full install to just re-install the program instead of having to push that much data over a slow link.

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                      Cheers btadams.

                      I shall plead your cause with the PM team and Sustaining team at large .


                      If we can get more visibility of this dilemma and need for a solution, perhaps by way of Likes and/or Comments, it could help sway the decision makers. I'll just say "Hey, PM types, check out this thread - see all those sad faces you could turn into smiles?". Hmm... everyone might need to change their profile pics to the puss'n'boots pleading stare too.

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                        My customer uses a lot of SATCOM links that carry a very high overhead cost for bandwidth usage. Everyone else may think of the difference as just a few MBs extra. That extra size difference could cost us a few thousand dollars.

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                          So far testing with EPO 5.1.1 and Patch 5 (patch only), out of 10 machines, two have failed miserably. 20% failure rate.

                          Surface Pro 3 and a HP desktop machine, both with Windows 8.1 and both received a blue screen (different errors).

                          One of the errors was along the lines of - SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION...I am told.

                          The other error was different and waiting on the screenshot as they are rebuilding the Surface at the moment from our SOE images.


                          When the machine restarted, Windows is no longer able to load up and unable to repair the installation with the Windows 8.1 media for both devices (we have system restore disabled for business machines also)

                          Tried several different things to make it work, nothing did.


                          Another Surface Pro and another desktop worked fine for the patch.

                          Anyone else got these issues?

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