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    upgrade McAfee agent to




      I'm new here . I've just installed DAM ( extention in PO (5.1.0)  and deployed McAfee Agent and sensors (5.1.2-16864) on DBMS but i have a problem with sensors wich are being connected for just few minutes and then they disconnected. when i contacted McAfee support they told me that i have to upgrade upgrade McAfee agent to because the installed version (887) is not supported by DAM. When i click action --> update now nothing happens and agents does not upgrade .

      when i click software manager and select McAfee agent i find that the state is updated and down i find ePO Agent Key Updater (Patch 3). the question is should I download this file or doing some configurations in master repository ?? What if i click action --> update now and select  ePO Agent Key Updater 4.8.0 ? In other terms i don't know exactly how to upgrade McAgee agent .

      Thanks in advance