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    Control Center Retrieve Error: Cannot install SW_Virus_Scan


      Getting the error message after registering a 8.3.2P06 Cluster(Upgraded from a, seen in attached image. The issue causes some objects to be imported and other to not be(assuming anything after it hits this error)




      Checked the cf antivirus q, only thing unusual was the null "download_email='', when email alerting isn't actually set to enabled. I set an address of admin@localhost in case this was causing issues, didn't change anything.


      cf antivirus q

      antivirus set download_email='' allow_encrypt=off stats_update_rate=4 \

          max_subfiles=2000 auto_engine_update=off download_dir=cgi-bin/avupdate \

          socket_size_limit=64 archive_scan_buffer_size=128 memfile_buffer_size=64 \

          download_site=downloads.securecomputing.com enable_download_notice=off

      antivirus set scanner_restart_time=60 scanner_restart_limit=2 \


      antivirus modify upper_limit=1048576 server_cnt=1 range_label='Up to 1M'

      antivirus modify upper_limit=102400 server_cnt=2 range_label='Up to 100K'

      antivirus modify upper_limit=unlimited server_cnt=1 range_label=Unlimited

      antivirus modify upper_limit=40960 server_cnt=2 range_label='Up to 40960B'


      Before I upgraded I had to rebuild the upper_limits to successfully upgrade, as 40960B and unlimited had been removed at some point.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.