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    SaaS issues


      I may be in the wrong place for this but I’m really not sure.

      The recent update to SaaS portal I have been having a couple of issues.

      1) I have this message (Too many licenses of Firewall, Threat prevention are in use) but I only show 4 out of 6 licenses in use I should have all 6 in use. I tried the refresh Licenses to see what computers report back in but none of them ever have. I had to manually go in un-install the program on the PC then re-install it.

      2) The firewall settings when I enable it and set it to administrator configured firewall it immediately blocks all connections including the MacAfee update page when protect option is selected. Then program then has to be completely disabled so that the security update can go though.

      3) The web Filtering application is very slow to respond to blocked pages or prompting the warning pages in many cases it takes a two minutes to pop up and I’ve had some instances where it never does show up.

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