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    Security Center locks up on laptop startup


      Hi All,


      I have Macfee Security Center installed (version 13.6.1599) on a Windows 8.1 6GB of Ram with an i5.  When my laptop is up and running it is absolutely fine, however, if I ever have to reboot then it takes ages to do anything until Mcafee starts.


      I have verified that Mcafee is the issue by uninstalling, cleaning the install and rebooting a number of times.  I have also tried to rectify the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling.  Neither of these things have improved the situation.


      I have real time scanning disabled and have the setting enabled for a faster startup.  Neither of these options make the slightest difference.


      Please can you advise what else I can do, this is a last ditch effort before I ditch the software entirely.  It's poor design and development for a software suite to lock a machine up this much.





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