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    How to copy assigned Policy from a system.


      Hello Everyone,


      Could any one lead me how to copy the assigned policies to a system  from ePO for backup purpose.

      Product using

      ePO 4.6.

      AV- ( Product- McAfee Virus scan enterprise for Linux).



      Thanks in Advance !

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          Have you tried a policy export? In your ePO navigate to the System Tree and select Assigned Policies from the available views. Then via the Actions button select Export All Assignments. You can do a similar thing for client task assignments by clicking on the Assigned Client Tasks view. These options basically export all policies and assignments (in XML format) for all the products extensions you have checked-in to your ePO. If you ever need to import the policies again (e.g. due to a corrupt product extension etc.), using the Import Assignments button you can selectively import policies for a specific product.




          HTH, Mick