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    McAfee Agent Key Updater backwards compatibility


      Can anybody confirm if the McAfee Agent Key Updater package is backwards compatible? We have recently updated our Agent-Server Secure Communicate (ASSC) key that I need to deploy to all end-points. I currently have MA4.8 P2 Agent and Key Updater checked-in to my Master Repository. The majority of my end-points are operating with MA4.8 P2, however I have some legacy systems on MA4.6 P3 and WIn2000 servers running MA4.0. Can I use the MA4.8 key updater package to deploy the ASSC keys to these legacy end-points? Or will I need to find the corresponding McAfee Agent Key Updater for the respective MA versions and use those to deploy to these devices? Or am I best just redeploying MA to these legacy clients with the updated ASSC?


      Appreciate any assistance or insight anybody can offer.