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    Acknowledge Device Alerts (Red Flag Icon)


      Hello all,


      I have a pretty straight forward question - How the heck do I 'acknowledge' these Red Flags next to the devices in the left pane?

      I just did an upgrade in my lab to MR4 and I am getting red flags for things that I am not concerned about - I notice this in the production environment as well. They are getting in the way of my seeing things that I do care about. Is there a way for me to somehow acknowledge these red flags so that they go away? Or somehow configure them to only trigger on custom events?


      Thanks for the advice. Cheers.

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          The short answer is "You can't".


          As it was described to me by a CE, there is a log file or queue that these events are entered into that is a fixed length.  When the event moves down the queue and reaches the end, it "falls on the floor" so to speak and goes away.


          If this is truly the case, the red flags will go away as additional events enter the queue and push them out.  The busier the event queue is, the sooner the events will fall out.



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            i believe it is possible. if you click on the flag next to Physical Display you get a windows where you can acknowledge specifc alert.


            this of course only works when the actual events that cause them stop from happening. if you keep get them the flags come back.