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    False Artemis!07BE0E9374D3,Artemis!49BBAF50A546,Artemis!9FB02FBA90F6 and Artemis!EA110CCA1F23


      Dear Sir/Madam


      My name is Sunny, Product Manager from Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) team. Currently, files of our product YAC have been flagged by McAfee.


      They are reported as Artemis!07BE0E9374D3, Artemis!49BBAF50A546, Artemis!9FB02FBA90F6 and Artemis!EA110CCA1F23


      Here are also some brief introduction about the flag files:


      About iImportLib.dll, we wrap third party lib files like ziplib, 7z into this lib to make YAC core function avaliable. It also very common to wrap and use third party lib to during development of  antivirus software.


      Then for iSafeNetFilter.sys, it is a network driver which is used to monitor the I/O of the network, functions related to this module are ADBlock, malicious websites block.

      this kind of driver is widly used in the anti-malware software industry.


      For  iSvc.dll and  iSvc2.dll , they are modules for service, features of service and codes are contained in it.


      Thanks in advance!


      Looking forward to your responce.


      YAC Team

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