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    queries  does not  show  the  values  creates// ePO 4.6


      Hi  Team ,


      I have  two  ePO console,  trying  to  create  report , on  old  ePO  I  am  able  to  choose  value  when  I am  creating  queries but  on  the  new  ePO  the  list  blank.

      Same  value  are  in  both  ePO  consoles.

      Please  screeshot  below  for  more  information;  First  screenshot  is  the  ePO  with  issue  and  second screen ePO  working  well.



      Many  thanks  for  your  help



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          Richard Carpenter

          Hi bob325


          I think you are trying to create a Compliance History Query.


          Have you created a Compliance History Snapshot from your Compliance Query, this may explain why when you try to filter based on the Query used to generate the Compliance snapshot it gives an empty list back.


          Have your created a server task to Generate Compliance Snapshots on your new epo server?


          The Steps to create a Compliance History Query are:


          1. Create a Boolean pie Chart for the data you wish to track over time.
          2. Generate a Compliance History snapshot of that Boolean Pie chart using a scheduled server task.
          3. Plot the Compliance Snapshots over time.




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