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    I need a REST....




      I am testing pushing a ruleset via REST, for my test I created a top level ruleset with nothing inside it and exported it to blank.xml (see below)


      I try to push the ruleset like this, expecting it to land in the default position (-1). Note that I don't use the '@' sign in front of the xml file name, as the REST documentation tells me not to (or rather the example of this in the REST docs does not use the '@' sign.

      `curl -i -b cookies.txt -X POST -d blank.xml -H "Content-Type: application/xml" "$REST/rulesets/import" --insecure`

      The error thrown is "XMLFormat wrong, or invalid content length", which is a puzzle, as the XML I use is exported from the MWG.


      Can anyone spot my error and enlighten me ?


      For completeness, if I do include '@' like this:

      `curl -i -b cookies.txt -X POST -d @blank.xml -H "Content-Type: application/xml" "$REST/rulesets/import" --insecure`

      The error thrown is "Internal Server Error"


      <From the REST Docs>

      Imports a ruleset to the given position 

       curl -i -b cookies.txt -X POST -d rulesetInMWGLibraryXMLForm.xml -H "Content-Type: application/xml" "$REST/rulesets/import" 









        <ruleGroup id="347" defaultRights="2" name="newblank" enabled="true" cycleRequest="true" cycleResponse="true" cycleEmbeddedObject="true" cloudSynced="false">


          <condition always="true">









      asabban, I'm sure you can help