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    Exclude running processes from scanning - ePO 4.6.6


      Hello All,


      It might be a basic question, but I have to exclude some running processes from scanning.

      I was looking for any solid info about it, but no luck


      What i did:
      I have assigned pathes and file names in policy assigned under: On-Access Default Processes Policies

      (using path format: c:\blablabla\bla.exe and just the process name: bla.exe)


      Is this enough to have running processes excluded?


      I've read that to exclude processes they need to be assigned under "On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies", so I did:



      Policies are assigned to proper servers/groups:


      but it desnt work as it should: I dont see excluded processes from ""On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies", or I dont pathes excluded "On-Access Default Processes Policies"


      What am I doing wrong?


      McAfee software on the infrastructure

      ePO ver 4.6.6

      VirusScan Enterprose 8.8.0