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    loading a certificate verisign in mwg 7.5.1


      Hello team,


      we need load a certificate verisign o godaddy in MWG . this is neccesary for make transparent the navegation to the users and then the browser no show  a tipically message "warining this isn´t a secure site ....."



      The idea is load the certificates in PCs users and Web gateway, with this configuration both enviroments (users and MWG) will be have a confidence relation.



      Its possible?


      or documentation?


      In the GUI MWG ,show me these information:

      carga certificado.jpg

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          Jon Scholten

          Hi Yerko!


          One cannot ask verisign for a "Certificate Authority" certificate. The metaphor I use is, "it's like asking the government to print your own money".


          Verisign itself is a CA, so asking them to give you a CA certificate is not likely. Asking them for a "web server" certificate is something they can accommodate.


          Instead you will need to leverage your own Internal Microsoft (or other) CA to accomplish this, otherwise you will need to create a self-signed CA and roll it out to your clients:

          How to roll out a Certificate Authority trust


          If you are looking to import a certificate for the GUI, that is a different story, however the screenshot says "Import Certificate Authority".


          Best Regards,