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    EEFF 4.3 issue in diffrent environment/domain


      Working with EEFF for some time now I use it to encrypt USB Key and it's installed on all workstations in my production network. I also have it install on an isolated network for secret data.


      Secret Network

      ePO 5.1

      EEFF 4.3.0


      Production In the process to be decommission


      EEFF 4.2


      Production New ePO Server; will replace the existing ePO

      ePO 5.1.1

      EEPC 4.3.1


      Now I am upgrading agents from ePO 4.6.8 to 5.1.1 and they get EEPC updated at same time to 4.3.1 now here the issue I am getting.

      EEPC doesn't recognise what platform it came from and automatically update the Secret network key from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 on the production workstation and after that the data can only be read on the secret network.


      What I had to do to fix this remove EEPC on affected users in production reformat the key and reinitialize it. Then on a change window upgrade Secret network to 4.3.1 now they play well as they are now the same version. until it's time to upgrade again. where is that key going to be connected to first. I can see this being and big issue.


      I was told by McAfee; That's how it work and there is not plan to fix this.


      What if you leave with a special presentation to an other country and plug your key in their computer with a newer version of EEPC and now you don't have access to your data anymore because it automatically updated your key to the latest version.


      BTW this is my first post