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    No more connection after upgrade agent


      I have set up an agent-handler in our DMZ zone and between the outside clients and the AH there is a F5 BIG-IP. Our security team allowed communication by defining the certificates in the BIg-IP F5.

      everything works fine with agent

      Now I do an upgrade to mcafee agent, with the ePO Agent Key Updater in evaluation on the EPO.

      After that communication was blocked on the Big-IP.

      1)Do I have to give a new certificate to the security people?

      2)Can I allready put the new ePO Agent Key Updater in current branch in the EPO without affecting the endpoints running on the old agent?

      3)extra question, if I do an upgrade of the EPO, is there a change of certificates so I can lose communication between my endpoints and agent-handler/EPO