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    ePO McAfee Agent deployment to Macs - Authentication with domain admin?


      Is it possible to deploy the McAfee agent from ePO to a Mac and use a domain admin account to authenticate?


      It appears that we're stuck with using a local account on the Macs as the only option to deploy from ePO.


      Macs are binded to the domain

      Remote Login is enabled on the Macs

      I have a service account that is a member of our Domain Admins.

      Domain Admins are on the Administrative tab of the directory utility binding window.

      The service account that is in the domain admins has also been added to the administrative tab (I've tested with and without this)


      When deploying using that domain service account or any other domain admin or any domain account that I add to the Administrative tab on the directory utility binding window, it fails.

      When deploying using a local account that I create on the Mac and make an admin, it succeeds.


      Any help or suggestions are appreciated.