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    McAfee Linux Epo Deployment SMTP issue




      When I try to deploy the EPO package for Linux 2.0.2 on CentOS 7.1 it does'nt complete the installation.

      When I manually run the installer that gets copied by the agent to /var/McAfee/agent/update/Current/LYNXSHLD2000/Install/0409/McAfeeVSEForLinux-2. 0.2.29099-installer it fails to continue on the smtp settings.


      By address there is a DNS name instead of an ip address.

      When I type the IP address manually, the installation completes succesfully.


      How can I change this DNS name to an IP address so I can use the auto deployment in the future correctly?


      I tried readding the linux package 2.0.2 and the extensions in the epo server

      I tried changing the server settings smtp server in epo to an IP address

      but neither worked so far.


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