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    API to add system to system tree in ePO




      I am trying to get the script to add machines into the system tree in epo. I have done one to delete machines from system tree and another to check if a machine exist in ePO and return all the properties from the machine from ePO


      I have found the following in the epo api scripting guide but it doesnt work


      #Example 4

      import mcafee, sys,inspect




      file = open('C:/myfile.txt', 'r')

      for line in file:

      #determine the ID of the group to add it to

      groups = mc.system.findGroups(line.rstrip('\n'))

      groupId = -1

      for group in groups:


        if group['groupPath'] == 'My Organization\TEST':

         groupId = group['groupId']



      if groupId == -1:

        error = 'Error finding the specified group.'


      #now that we have the group id, pull in the systems from file

      sourceId = "12"

      sourceType = "CLI"

      file = open('C:/systemsToAdd.txt', 'r')

      for line in file:

      sysProps = line.rstrip('\n').split(',')

      # Contains line break at "\"

      systemId = mc.detectedsystem.add(sourceId,sourceType,sysProps[0],sysProps[1],dnsName=sysPr ops[2],domain=sysProps[3])




      Any help???


      Best regards,



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