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    Error updating sensor software


      Hi All,


      I am receiving the below error while updating one of my M-1450 sensors from v7.5.3.108 to v8.2.3.12.



      This is a new sensor which I have previously upgraded from 7.1.x software to it's current version without issue.


      I have already upgraded a multiple other M series sensors to this software version, but this is the first time I have encountered this error.


      Has anyone else encountered this error while upgrading sensors, and do you have any solutions?





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          Is this happening after multiple attempts on the same sensor?  No idea what could cause this with the given information, but if it's worked on other sensors is there anything different about this sensor that isn't shared with the other sensors?


          Feel free to open a case with the support team and we can look into this.

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            Hi Matthew,


            The only thing different about this sensor is the model, it's a M-1450 series sensor. I received the same error every time I tried to perform the update.


            I have since tried to update another M-1450 sensor and received the same error message, so it is probably specific to that model.


            I have already opened a service request with support to investigate this issue.





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              Hi Peter, do you try a manual update over tftp? I Have the same Sensor model and my update works fine with the same Software version.

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                Hi Xded,


                No, I have not tried to manually update the system over tftp. I have opened a Service Request with McAfee and am waiting for an update from them before making any more attempts at upgrading the sensor..


                Thank you for letting me know you have been able to update your M-1450 sensors to v8.2.3.12 software, I thought the issue might be specific to that model.


                Depending on their response I will probably try the manual update as my next step. I may try updating the sensor with the newly released software and see if it gives the same issue.




                Peter Mason

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                  Hi All,


                  Finally got back to this issue.


                  I tried upgrading one of the affected sensors from the manager to v software and it worked with out issue.


                  I assume it was just a problem with the v8.2.3.12 software and my sensor configuration.

                  Thanks for your help and suggestions.