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    ePO Report that shows sorting Synchronization type data for each group in the tree


      ePO 4.6


      Is it possible to get any kind of report like this from ePO Queries and Reports?  I can click on individual groups all day long manually researching the sorting criteria and/or synchronization type information, but would love to see a report come out, showing Synchronization type data for all group nodes.  The 'system tree sorting' attribute, not sure what it's for, but it's set = true on many, many individual machine records which belong to groups where there is no sorting criteria AT ALL, so that doesn't seem very helpful for my requirements.


      If I select the root of the tree, My Organization, I can see Group Details for all of the high-level groups, including parts of the Sorting Criteria, and that's not bad.  But I don't see anything about Synchronization type for those high-level groups.  That's what I'm really after, some kind of query or report for 'Synchronization type' style data for all group nodes in the tree.