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    Help creating rule to deny uploads to file sharing sites Web Gateway 7.3


      I have been trying to find means to allow users to be able to download files from websites like Dropbox, Box... while not allowing uploads to those websites.  This might have been answered in an other thread but I have not been able to find any answers and all of my attempts have ended up blocking access to the site entirely.  I cannot block access nor downloads from these sites as we have clients that use these sites to provide us with documents, but in order to comply with security requests from a particular client, I am being requested to block or find a way to block uploading to these websites.  I tried emulating the rules like the ones found for blocking uploading attachments to web mail (url.category) but couldnt find in the list the items that are under P2P/ File Sharing to see if that is the category needed to include dropbox.


      Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.  I don't have much experience with the web gateway and most of the rules I have either been able to find via the community or by sheer accident.