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    AD migration in EEPC 7 environment


      Hi Team,


      We would like to know the impact / recover to make the EEPC installed system up and running in case of AD migration as mentioned in below scenario:


      Current AD structure:
      Domain Name: aa.com
      Computer Names are like computer1.DLH.aa.com
      Server Names are like Server1.DLH.aa.com
      User Names are like user1@zz.com



      New AD Structure: (Two Forests with two-way communication)
      Domain Name: aa.com
      Computer Names are like computer1.DLH.bb.aa.com
      Server Names are like Server1.DLH.bb.aa.com
      User Names are like user1@aa.zz.com

      Domain Name: xx.com
      Computer Names are like computer2.DLH.zz.xx.com
      Server Names are like Server2.DLH.zz.xx.com
      User Names are like user2@xx.zz.com

      The ePO, Agent Handler, SQL server names will not be changed but FQDN will be changed (Example: epo.abc.zz.com will be changed to epo.abc.bb.zz.com)



      Thanks in advance.