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    Upgrading EPO Repository question.




      I currently have several epo 4.6 repositories servicing our sever estate. I have now built a new replacement ePO 5.1 server.


      I now need to start migrating the clients over to the new server, my question is during the migration, can I upgrade the epo 4.6 respositories first to the new 5.1 agent (superagent) and by doing this will the older agents still be able to get their updates from that repository (being a newer version) before they get their new agent and polices etc ? I hope that makes sense.

      Many thanks



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          i have not tested this. But, if this should work in any way you have to import the repository keys from the existing EPO Server to the new one, because the content of any repository is signed by EPO. This is a security feature for the repositories to prevent unauthorized file changes and so on.

          At the moment i´m not sure if there are any side effects.


          What kind of Repositories are you using? Because, if you are using UNC repositories you can add a second fileshare for the new EPO server.



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            thanks for the reply - not being a Mcafee guru - which keys should I export and import ? looking at my screen I have the following


            Agent-Server secure keys

            local master rep key pairs

            other rep public keys

            and should I exprt all the keys in one section ?


            many thanks



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              Laszlo G

              Hi tonyharding, you have to export the 20148 and 1024 keys from the agent-to-server communication keys section.


              As per the SuperAgents, once you migrate them to the new server, computers that are still connecting to the old ePO server won't be able to use them as they won't have them in their repository lists (they will disappear from the old ePO server once they are migrated to the new one)