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    Security Center heavy impact on i7 laptop


      Hello all, first of all let me tell you SHAME ON ME FOR HAVING CHOOSE MCAFEE!!!


      I always used AVG since ever with NO problem, now I bought one year ago a brand new very powerful Precision i7 laptop with McAfee Security Center preinstalled, I didn't want to mess up the system since the beginning with unistallation and reinstallations, so I naively accepted the 3 years subcription offer from McAfee, but after a few weeks I found out that it is heavy as a mountain on this computer who runs like hell with Photoshop and video editing!


      I always have to stop the scheduled scans because I can't work otherwise, even if i put the level of the impact as low as possible, when the scan is going, it freezes at moments and so on.


      Also I use Thunderbird since ever and I can't use it productively, it freezes 30 seconds everytime I get a text email with no attachment even.


      I contacted the official support chat asking: "since you sell a product that is not working as it should, refund me the rest of the 3 years subscription OR tell me how to fix everything", they told me: "exclude thunderbird.exe from the real time scan + disable email attachment scan, no refund is possible". IS THIS A SOLUTION??? Why should I pay for a software that is unable to do what it is supposed to do, with one of the most widespread email clients.


      This is going on since 1 year! They havent yet fixed it, let alone the heavy scan that I can't perform while I am working!


      Shame on me for having paying the 3 years subscription!! I will throw away the money and go back to AVG!!!


      Thank you very much!

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          Peter M

          A pre-installed McAfee can't be refunded simply because it was part of your deal with whomever sold you the laptop.

          Your complaint would be better directed at them for installing it in the first place if you'd prefer another product.

          However, if you paid for something, they will normally refund within 45 days if you aren't satisfied.


          You don't mention the name of the suite you have installed but there is a possibility that you don't need parts of the software.


          I would open the McAfee SecurityCenter and in Real-Time Scanning, disable Email Attachment and Instant Message scanning for a start if Thunderbird is involved.  Other Thunderbird issues were fixed in a recent fix so perhaps you are stuck with an older version.   Can you click "About" and tell us what versions of McAfee products are installed?


          The whole thing would probably benefit greatly from having a complete uninstall, clean-up using MCPR, reboot and re-installation (maybe use the custom method if available on your package to only install parts you want, other than the basic firewall and antivirus), from your online account as per the link below.

          How To Uninstall/Reinstall McAfee Consumer Products EXCEPT Anti-Theft

          Technical Support is free of charge by phone or online chat (linked below) and if at first they can't help, ask them to escalate the issue for you if my suggestions don't help.

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            Peter M

            If your prefer that link in Italian here it is:  Link

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              Ex_Brit, thank you for your answer.


              About the refund: at McAfee support, they told me to refer to the laptop seller (as you told me), the laptop seller told me to refer to McAfee! Because I did not pay the laptop seller, I payd McAfee directly even if the software was preinstalled. Meantime the refund time limit expired and since 1 year I have a faulty antivirus that does not work as it should be (it is half deactivated), I still have 2 years or subscription that will be just wasted money.


              About the software versions, I have Security Center and the latest version of everything, I also run the McAfee Virtual Technician software and it sayd that everything is 100% right and functional. I also chatted this friday with McAfee support chat and they checked me all the versions and everything is up to date. So there is no other action to do than deactivate parts of it.

              Also, I did not mention before the problem with FireFox, that appears asiatic characters on the FF tabs while you navigate the web and after you have to close the browser because it get stuck, I also had to deactivate all the Thunderbird and FF extensions / plugins because it was messing up the softwares. The support chat told me that about the asiatic characters it's a known issue and it will be solved in a future upgrade!!


              I am shocked that a software like that is being sold, it should be freeware and I think noone will install it! Because there are free solutions that works really better. I can't believe I payd 3 years subscription for that!!

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                Peter M

                Refunds are not given after 45 days from purchase.   But you could appeal to them I suppose.


                The Asiatic characters are another symptom that has been corrected in recent SiteAdvisor fixes.  Which again leads me to suggest a complete uninstall, cleanup and reboot before reinstalling the software.,  That should cure most if not all your problems.

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                  I would add two things

                  1 The TB issue was fixed 1 month ago in 14.9.339 build and I do not know the 13.6 build number but will find out. For the time being disable in Real Time scanning the scanning of email attachments that will enable TB to work as normal and the attachment is still scanned when you access it. The fix is there and works fine.


                  2. You have not installed any paid versions of say Malwarebytes or similar that have a real time scanning function these will slow things down. also have you installed any other AV programs ie AVG etc they would give a similar result even if uninstalled but not by uninstalling via its own removal tool.


                  probably the suggestion of a clean uninstall reinstall that Peter suggested is the best idea.


                  Chinese etc characters fixed in Siteadvisor and above

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                    Peter M

                    By the way, go to your online account and turn off the auto-renewal process if you don't want the software any more.

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                      I can't appeal for the refund, they told me clear, they also tell me it's not their issue as I sayd...


                      I have no other malware, antivirus, or similar software installed. I have Windows 7 Professional, the softwares I use for work and McAfee Security Center, nothing else.


                      As I sayd, the technical support at McAfee checked my system remotely and they did not find any problem of version, conflict, registry or whatsoever, they did not tell me to reinstall or anything like that.


                      I turned off auto-renewal long time ago!

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                        Peter M

                        OK, then do as I suggested.


                        Uninstall, reboot if asked to.

                        Run MCPR, reboot.

                        Install from your online account.


                        I suggest the above because the software may have become corrupted when you went from the built-in version to the paid one.

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                          Peter M

                          By the way, the reason for the 2-step uninstallation is that you must use the Windows uninstaller first to decrement the online account by 1 license.

                          The removal tool simply removes everything, no account changes are made.

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