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    EPO 4.6.4 - Deploy Agents Fails Windows 7 - No Error message in EPO


      I am currently in the process of troubleshooting why deploying agents are failing to our PCs.  We are in a Windows 7 domain-controlled environment.


      I have verified/tested the following:


      1) A user with Domain Admin permissions can successfully push an agent, but not subordinate users with workstation admin permissions.

      2) admin$ share is accessible to server.

      3) FramePkg.exe is being sent to the shares properly.

      4) Installer can be run by non-domain admin users if ran locally on the machine

      5) UAC has been disabled on the PC.

      6) Registry value LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy has been added to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System and was set to 0x1.


      I can log into the machine with my credentials and install the software without issue, however, utilizing the same credentials through ePO, the agent doesn't install.  The Server Task Log shows no errors.  It only displays the status "Failed" and in log messages I only see "Staring deployment to computer <computer> through the Agent Handler <agent handler name>".


      What, if any, server logs can I check to see if I can further track the error down, and/or, any further steps I can take to make a successful push with users who do not have domain admin permissions?


      Thanks everyone!