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    McAfee ESM Collector and DNS log Issues




      I'm looking to get some support regarding using the McAfee Collector to remote pull DNS logs from a Windows 2003 DNS server.


      Current Setup




      Communication between ESM and McAfee Collector is working as expected since I'm able to successfully pull files locally on the server that the collector is installed on. I also ran Wireshark and can see that dnslog2.txt is being read by the Collector.




      I have a feeling the possibly the regex delimiter might be the cause, but even still when I remove the delimiter I'm still not getting expected results and no data shows up within ESM. Here's my ESM config..




      Has anyone else attempted to use the collector to pull DNS logs from a remote server? I'd appreciate any help that you could provide.




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          We are currently using this method to pull the logs. and know we had some issues with the past using the configuration you explained.


          As far as I remember, you should remove the regex stuff and also the multiline events.

          You can delete and recreate the datasource to get correct results faster and don't get annoyed by previous results.


          Let me know if this works, if not I will ask for the current configuration we have here.



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            Thanks for your assistance! I was able to get this working today.


            I did the following,

            • unchecked multi-line events
            • unchecked event delimiter is a regex
            • I also removed the regex I had within the Event delimiter text box


            If I could give any advice to someone trying to troubleshoot a similar issue, it would be to use Wireshark.


            • You should be able to see the SMB requests properly pull the files down from the remote server
            • You should be able to see the collector send the MEF packets towards the receiver
            • By running tcpdump on the receiver itself, you should see the packets from the collector
            • By deleting the bookmark folder for your log source "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Windows Event Collector\Plugins\<random number>" it will trigger the download of all the events