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    Where can I download McAfee Agent Extension for Mac


      This is a newly rebuilt ePO 5.1.1 server with a new DB. We've had ePO for the last decade. Windows clients appears to be doing well with ePO.


      We have the Macintosh installs below in our ePO Master Repository and installed on the Extensions page. We also have the Windows agents in case it matters with regard to my question. I don't know if this extension would help with our issue. I'm running out of options to deploy agents to Macs and can't send techs out to manually install it on all our Macs.


      I haven't been able to deploy the McAfee Agent for Macintosh 4.8 p3 ( If I select a machine in ePO and deploy the agent to it, the return is Failed. If I select a machine and go to Run Client Task now to deploy the agent, the machine doesn't show (see below).


      I don't see the "McAfee Agent Extension for Mac" on our ePO server and can't find a download. If anyone can tell me where to download it or knows how to resolve my deployment issue...."help meeee". I'm stuck like Brundlefly.


      Mcafee Agent for Mac OS X  - 4.8.0 - 1938 - Current

      Mcafee Agent for Mac OS X  - 4.8.0 - 1500 - Previous

      McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac - 9.7 - 1298


      McAfee Agent - - This in the only Agent related extension we have.

      Anti-malware -

      Anti-malware Reports -

      EndPoint Protection for Mac -

      Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.27.35 AM.png

      Thanks for any help or suggestions.