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    When the McA window is open, the right side is cut off- can't see the right side of the window... any suggestions/help?


      Hey guys,


      I just purchased McAfee (after a virus kicked my computers' *****). I haven't had any trouble with any of the functions, however- when any McAfee window is open, the right side is cut off- regardless of what window it is.


      So, I can't see the "X" or the minimize button (if there is one), and cannot see the options when McAfee pops up on the bottom right of my screen alerting me to programs wanting to access the internet.


      I've restarted my computer; shut down for a few and restarted; closed McAfee and restarted it; control-alt-delete and stopped the program (and then doing all of the previously mentioned actions).


      I have McAfee on my laptop which is Windows 8, and on my newer work computer, which runs Windows 8.1..... I am having these issues with BOTH computers.


      Anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix this? I'd kinda like to see what I'm doing... thanks in advance!