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      2-3 times per day I get a message from McAfee: :McAfee prevented a potentially unwanted program from running. Protect your PC by only allowing programs you trust."

      The program in question is BrowerFox-FXS. It is "quarantined from" a C:-drive folder where one file in the path has a long ID number.


      The message dialog box allows me the option to Remove. I click it and get the message "You're about to remove programs that may have been installed as a bundle or suite. Please read the program's license agreement before removing. To let McAfee automatically remove these programs, click OK. Otherwise . . .


      I click OK, supposedly letting McAfee automatically remove the program.  Some while later, the message is back and I go through the so-called removal steps again. The BrowerFox-FXS program is always in the same C:-drive location under a folder with the same long ID number. I can't delete the folder string because the program is running.


      Can I get rid of this problem for good?