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    Best Practices for Windows Log Collection in Large DHCP Environment




      I am currently in the process of trying to perform Windows Log Collection in a large DHCP environment. The customer has stated that the environment is so large and that providing workstation hostnames would be impossible and unmanageable.


      My main question is this: How do I perform log collection in a large DHCP Windows environment WITHOUT having to create a data source for each of the hosts I want to collect from?


      The only deployment option that I feel is viable at this point is log collection from the Domain Controller and then collect AV logs from their solution (not ePO). Which they say is not ideal.


      The agent/collector does not seem like a viable option anyways because while I could globally push the agent to each host, I would still need to create a data source for each host.


      Any ideas are greatly appreciated because I am running out of ideas. Thanks.

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