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    RHEL 6.6 crashes on reboot after VSEL 1.9.1 installed


      We are running kernel 2.6.32-504.12.2 on RedHat 6.6 x86_64.  When iptables is running, the system crashes upon reboot or attempt to stop iptables.  Everything works fine with VSEL1.9.0 (no crashes).  After 'service nails stop' I noticed that the lshook module does not unload.  When I tried to 'rmmod lshook' it told me the module was in still in use.  An 'lsmod' showed that it had 34 modules using it (without identifying them).  An attempt to force the removal (rmmod -f lshook) failed as well.  I attempted to do "modprobe -rv lshook" but that came back with an error stating it could not find the module (which puzzled me because the rmmod found it)?

      I recompiled the modules with the current kernel but still have the system crashing upon reboot.

      Any suggestions???

      I really want to get 1.9.1 working so I can switch my NFS back to v4.