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    New Install of EPO 5.1.1 - HIPS policies not updating




      Ive just installed epo 5.1.1, all the latest updates for vse, agent and HIPs. Just testing clients, I can install HIPS and VSE by the consoles etc with no issues.


      I have created new policies for HIPS and VSE and then try to update the test clients (windows 7), I can see the updates being pushed to the clients but the HIPS polices will not register on the clients at all, Ive tried uninstall and reinstall etc etc but nothing seems to work.


      I have also doubled checked that I have all the latest reporting extensions etc etc but I can not push or pull down and HIPS policies to the clients.


      I see within the client properties that HIPS is installed but I just can not get any HIPS policies to be pushed onto the clients.


      Can anyone assist ?


      From the attached screenshot you can see the agent and vse polices being updated just not HIPS.


      many thanks