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    Forcing Java to update on client machine



      From my understanding, there is a way to force users who use the NSM web GUI to update their Java client version.  Does anyone know where that setting is located?  Also, what is the recommended version of Java for managers running  Thanks.

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          Hi Rastent,


          When a client connects to a manager it will prompt them to install Java RE on thier machine if they do not already have it. The version of Java RE bundled with v8.1 is 1.7.0_51 (7u51), this is in the install guide for that build.


          The option to check for a newer version of Java is a Java setting and can be set from the Java applet in the Control panel.


          From version 7u10 there is a prompt displayed everytime Java runs if it detects a newer version available see the link to the Java homepage below.




          I am using manager v8.2.x and it comes bundled with Java version 1.7.0_72.


          I use Java 1.8.0_40 (8u40) on my machine and have not had any issues with it so far.





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            I was referring to a setting within the manager that forced the client to update to a certain Java version.  Can you upload a new jre to the $NSM_INSTALL_DIR\apache-tomcat\webapps\intruvert\jre_download\ folder and change the iv.ui.jre.min value to that new jre?...I take it I will need to remove the # to put this into affect.  This was found in the ems.properties file.  Thanks.


            # Minimum NSM client side JRE version.

            # You can lower down the NSM client side JRE requirement by changing it to the desired minimum JRE version number.

            # It can be two digits or four digits. For example: 1.7,  or

            #    1.7      - This is the default JRE 1.7 value. It will use the NSM bundled version of 1.7 JRE for client hosts.

            #  - The client host will not be asked to install the bundled 1.7 JRE as long as the client host has or above installed.

            # You also can replace the bunlded NSM client side JRE with the desired version as follows:

            #    For 1.7 - Replace the jre-1-7-windows.exe and jre-1-7-windows-x64.exe in $NSM_INSTALL_DIR\apache-tomcat\webapps\intruvert\jre_download\


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              Hi Rastrent,


              This is not something I have ever tried to do, so I don't know if it will work.


              I had a look at the ems.properties and a little above the # Minimum NSM client side JRE version line is another statement;


              ## ------ END OF LOCAL PROPERTIES ---------


              # The rest of these properties are now in the database, in

              # config/sql/common/emsproperties.sql. Please edit it there.

              # The only properties that go above should be those that need

              # to be loaded in the Web-tier before the TMS is up, or in TMS

              # before the database is available, or needed by the TMS for bootstrapping.


              So you may have to edit the settings at config/sql/common/emsproperties.sql.


              Please post back if you have a chance to try this out in your test environment and let us know the results.