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    McAfee suddenly showing hidden files/folders?


      So today I was informed an account of mine was hacked (WoW account I haven't played on in months), scanned with AVG and Malware Bytes, they found nothing. Decided to install McAfee and scan with that also. McAfee found 1 virus but it was part of a steam game so I assume that's probably a false positive or something harmless. The weird thing is after quarantining that "virus" and restarting the computer, I was met with 2 desktop.ini files on my desktop. I did the usual google and found they can either be harmless or a virus. Worrying. I checked the file properties and found that the Show hidden files choice was changed without me doing it (it was now set to show hidden files) along with a few others. I have run another full scan and a malware bytes scan again and found nothing. So I was wondering if McAfee has been known to change these settings of it's own accord or whether it was changed by something more sinister. Does anyone have any experience of this and should I be worried?


      TL:DR Something changed my Show hidden files to be ticked, does McAfee do this?


      Never posted here before and I can't seem to find a definitive place to say where to post this. Apologies if it ends up in the wrong place.