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    McAfee Total Protection - instalation problem.


      Hello All!

      I have a problem with instalation McAfee Total Protection on my notebook Dell Inspiron N5030 (operation system: Windows 7 Home Premium). When I try download and install aplication, I get the message: you can not continue the download because there is a problem with your internet connection or the server is not available. When I try download this same aplication anather notebook, everything is ok. If anyone encountered a similar problem? Please help. Thank you.

      Best regards.


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          Hi Lukas,

          Make sure the notebook operating system is totally up to date, including IE11, even if you never use it, McAfee does.  Also check in Device Manager if the Network Adapter is working correctly.

          Is this a wireless connection?  If so, make sure that secondary LAN's are disabled (in Device Manager).

          Download and run the Virtual Technician to see if it will fix anything:  https://mvt.mcafee.com/

          Also if you had another antivirus installed, that you have used the appropriate removal tool before attempting to install McAfee.

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            Best regard.
            For the past year I have installed McAfee Total Protection on my computers. But yesterday it failed after asking me to restart the PC to receive an extension of my service, because it reported that the equipment was in danger and did not allow me to configure it properly, so I executed the virtual technician and he did not recognize the fault; Followed I decided to uninstall it to fix it and later I used the McAfee cleaning tool, to leave no trace of the previous installation. I passed the Scan Disc and the defragmenter to optimize my computer. At this time, neither the Free Antivirus, nor the McAfee Web Advisor, nor even the McAfee Total Protection package is allowed to be installed. The security control has Windows Defender antivirus.

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              I would check your machine for spyware using AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes Free from this link: (see Free 3rd Party Tools) Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

              Then I would contact your local Technical Support from the link lower left of that Virtual Technician page.