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    Using ldap authentication in MQM 7


      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone successfully integrate LDAP to MQM for MEG 7.6?


      Product Version7.0.1266.100
      Service PackNone
      HotfixesHF993211, ROLLUP1
      Service NameMcAfee Quarantine Manager


      Our MQM installed in Windows 2012 R2 and joined to our domain. all are working well except for if you use the LDAP server account in authentication of Enduser.

      windows authentication is enabled in IIS and permission set for the userdynamic/dynamic.dll has bee set properly.


      If the local authentication is enabled, the MQMUserUI interface showed up but if we switched to Ldap authentication, MQMUserUI interface NEVER showed up...we tried this from all browser with the same result.


      Best regards,