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    Windows Restore Won't Complete Due To McAfee


      Had a problem requiring that I perform a restore.  I selected the restore date/time needed.  Began the process.  Computer rebooted after restore and displayed an error message saying the restore could not be completed due to Antivirus Software.  I turned off scannig and firewall protection and tried Restore again.  Same error message.  Is this a common problem with McAfee?  Never had this problem with my previous antivirus software.  Do I need to disable McAfee to run the restore and if so, how do I accomplish that?



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          As you've had to restore you must have had a problem of some sort. If the problem is malware-related it could be there's an infected file in the saved restore point and McAfee is just telling you so. Can you take a screenshot of the message and post it?

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            Peter M

            "Antivirus Software" sounds suspiciously like malware to me.


            McAfee would never prevent a System Restore operation.   Post a screenshot as Hayton has suggested.


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              Well guys, since I couldn't get the restore to work and prior to receiving your responses, I managed to delete and reload the mouse driver causing me problems, so that negated the need to perform the restore.  My scan ran and identified and quarentined the following file:


              Could this be the culprit that was preventing my restore?  What's odd about this is that I have a subscription to MalwareBytes which runs on every PC wake up or start up.  MB did not identify this file as a threat like McAfee did.  Hmmmmm?  Thoughts/ideas?

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                Peter M

                Could possibly be but I doubt it.  PUP's aren't necessarily harmful - "Possibly Unwanted Program", and one has to decide whether or not to keep them.

                More likely a file or driver was corrupted, or even the drive was giving out read errors.

                Also it's normal for MBAM to find something that McAfee doesn't and vice-versa as they are two different kinds of software.  MBAM is designed as a supplement to an antivirus.


                Glad you've worked around it.