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    DLP Policies not applying to agents


      We are currently trying to implement some DLP policies but having issues getting them to be picked up by the DLP agent. 


      I have DLP for Endpoint installed on my local PC; under the DLP Endpoint Console Policy and Endpoint Configuration are both showing as last modification as July 1st 2014 (I believe this was when it was initially setup).  The Computer Assignment Group is blank.  Under Discovery, both Email Storage and Local File System are showing as not configured.


      My local agent can communicate ok with the ePO server and under DLP User sessions, the server is acknowledging that Policy is currently enforced and the Agent is running.


      I have setup and applied the DLP Policy (blocking IM Applications) - this is confirmed under DLP Operational Events.

      The Policy Catalog for DLP is set to Default Agent Config and Default Computers Assignment (both covering the Global Root - we are only a small company so this isn't a huge amount)


      I have restarted my PC/reinstalled the client and manually Checked for New Policies in the Agent Monitor (states "No package received from ePO server").  The policy still does not seem to update on my local DLP agent.


      Am I missing something basic?  I downloaded the User Guide for DLP and have followed the steps as far as I can tell.  I've checked on other PCs and have the same issue.


      Happy to provide any further information.


      ePO Build: ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0.0 (Build: 1160)

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