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    ePO API Scripting Guide



      One of my customers is trying to automate “exporting” certain tasks from ePO.  After reviewing the attached documentation , they have downloaded the curl https command line module for Windows.  They can make a connection into their existing ePO server and query on the core.help command.  However, when they run the following command below they need some clarification on the command line arguments which are not clear in the guide.”


      curl -k -u username:password https://localhost:8445/policy.export productID


      1. 1) What is the “productId” argument referring to specifically? Are there some examples that can be provided?
      2. 2) What is the command line option/argument to export this directly to .xml file.  Are there some examples that can be provided?
      3. 3) Are there additional commands that are no listed in the attached guide that help automate “exporting” the following tasks below that could be provided?


      • Client Tasks
      • Client Tasks Assignments
      • Policy -All
      • Policy Assignments
      • Sitelist
      • Permissions Sets
      • Security Keys
      • System Tree


      Lastly, if using curl is not the preferred method to achieve this, can someone suggest how they could accomplished this without having to resort to Python?

      Nevertheless, if they go the route of having to use Python, can it support scripting these tasks with your API?


      Please let me know. Thank you.