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    Admin account won't delete


      I went to delete account of an ex administrator from the GUI. I got the error message:


      A problem occurred while trying to delete Administrator "acountname" TWSGenericError: Unable to delete user "accountname" this user still has active cronjobs

      Use 'cf crontab swap' to change users

      I then ssh in to the fire wall and run the command "cf crontab swap" I the the error message Operation not permitted.


      What is the hang up here?

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          You need to type "srole" and hit Enter to get to the "superuser" after you login on the CLI.

          After that you run 'cf crontab swap user=[old_username].'  This will swap all the old_username cronjobs to use your username that you just logged-in with.


          $> man cf_crontab

          cf crontab swap [user=<user>]

          swap   Swap the user of all the cron jobs owned by user to the current

            administrator.  Note: If you are running on a cluster, this will

            swap every job of the user on every cluster member.  The required

            key is user.

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            A ticket ID must be specified is the output I got.  How do I specified a ticket number in the command?

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              $> man cf | grep ticket

                   -i   Specifies a change ticket ID to mark this set of changes with.  See

                        cf_audit(1) for details on how change tickets work.


              So the command would be:

              $> cf -i something crontab swap user=old_username

              -- Replace something with any string you want.

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