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    Block file into e-mail


      Hi, all!


      Workers on computers and laptops make files of different size and extension. They can send them by mail. I can set up a rule blocking if the file is marked with a particular tag or contains a word from the dictionary. What should I do if an employee will keep a text file into an image, such as bmp or jpeg? Then search the dictionary will not work. If I block all extensions except the doc, then the employee can change the extension of any file in the doc and send it.

      Does anyone know the answer to my question?

      Is it possible to configure dlpe or NWFP, so I can at least monitor such files?

      DLP Endpoint Discover do not to offer, because this module significant limitations: less than 250 Mb


      P.s. Changing the expansion and translation in image format simplest methods attacker. The employee does not need admin rights to perform these actions. And if you say that workers will not do so, they can never be controlled. And dlp not need)))