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    McAfee FRP


      Hi All,

      I am working on POC of McAfee FRP, i applied Folder encryption with a key create on ePO and grant key in Grant key policy every thing else are on default settings.


      I am getting desired results in folder encryption but when i plugged USB an alert appears regarding USB encryption or use as read only, then i checked on ePO and find that by default


      I have no clue where i was done wrong to get rid of that issue. Please provide me information regarding the above mention issue.


      Thanks in advance

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          Is the with all the USB sticks? or the one you used when "with Offsite access" is the enabled?

          if only specific usb, check for .cekey file in the USB and clear it. .cekey file will be visible only when you set to "show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "hide extensions for unknown file type". this .cekey will be recreated on next policy enforcement.



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            Thank you so much jags i was sort out exactly the same solution you mentioned. Thanks again