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    vcdrom is full - can't install a patch


      Wed Apr 15 20:20:24 2015: Install of 8.3.2P06 failed.  Failed to build backup for uninstallable package 8.3.2P06.  Unable to build backup file /vcdrom/packages/8.3.2P06_dir/pkg_bkupUnbenannt.jpg


      I can delete something?

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          It sounds like your system has had a number of versions installed to it over time.


          Any older versions and patches which the current version is no longer dependent on can be removed. This also includes legacy AV engine updates (if the system was configured to download updates for these components automatically).


          If you look at the /vcdrom directory from the command line you will be able to see individual directories for each downloaded patch/update.


          You should then be able to use the "cf package remove" command to remove the older downloads. It has been a while since I've done this myself, but I believe if you try to remove a package that is still relevant the system won't allow you to do so.


          Hope that helps.


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            Hi Phil,


            thank you. " cf package remove package=XXX" was the helpful command. :-)