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      Recently a virus got into my laptop, in the form of delt-homes.

      Every time I started up Google Chrome, instead of the Google homepage I got the delta homes homepage. I tried everything the Internet said, and after a while I realised nothing was working, so maybe I should uninstall Google Chrome, which didn't help, and now this delta homes virus won't let me re-install it. I found out that the virus had also infected my internet explorer, yet after running countless McAfee scans it couldn't detect it as a threat, so I went on the Internet and found a Malware Security Site called SpyHunter 4 which scanned my computer and detected 891 threats, but because I dont pay for it it wouldn't remove the threats.

      As I'm a 16 year old my dad pays for my antivirus and therefore has trusted McAfee for a very long time. My question is this - Why doesn't McAfee detect all these problems and fix them?

      Please help! My GCSEs are this summer and I need my laptop to revise! If anyone knows how to get rid of this delta homes virus, some input would be greatly appreciated:)